Digital dilemmas abound in our connected lives

Digital Dilemma Examples
Digital dilemmas are particularly relevant for children and teens. Preparing young people to make reflective and responsible decisions is vital, yet today’s digital landscape requires new educational approaches. While internet safety and digital citizenship curricula have been on offer for over a decade, the current context suggests a need to reexamine and rethink digital citizenship education. 
Foundations for Digital Life works at the nexus of research and practice. In addition to leading ongoing research about digital dilemmas related to personal well-being, morality, ethics, and civic participation, we are developing new educational approaches and tools keyed to the complex dilemmas youth face today. We are especially focused on supports for educators, parents, and clinicians, as well as on tools that can be used directly by adolescents.
Foundations for Digital Life is a practice-oriented research initiative led by Carrie James and Emily Weinstein, researchers at Project Zero at Harvard University